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Assume, for timeline purposes, that you want to start law school in the Fall of 2020.

Yes, we’re in the future. And yes, it’s awesome.



2 Years Before You Enter Law School:


Spring of 2018

– Sign up to view official LSAC resources at

– Sign up for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) at

– Talk to friends or family who either are or know lawyers. Ask to shadow as many as you can to make sure you truly want to be a lawyer


Summer of 2018

– Sign up for an LSAT course and practice as much as you can. The LSAT is an invaluable piece of each applicant’s law school portfolio

– Register for the June 2019 LSAT


Fall of 2018

– Speak with your Pre-Law advisor if you’re still in undergrad

– Tell him/her of your plans and ask for suggestions, tips, advice, etc.


Winter 2018

– Really start thinking about which people you’d ideally want to write your Letters of Recommendation

– Once you feel comfortable asking someone for a Recommendation, don’t wait. Ask as soon as possible to give them the maximum amount of time to refine their work

– Make a list of law schools you would consider attending. Categorize them into Reach, Target, and Safety Schools


June of 2019

– Take your first LSAT

– If you did as well as you expected, congratulations!

– If, however, you think you would be better of re-taking it, sign up for the September 2019 LSAT


July-September of 2019

– Draft, revise, and perfect your Personal Statement

– You want to have your personal statement completely finished by the time applications are released in October

– Construct an updated resume

– This will be sent with your application to every school you apply to




1 Year Before You Enter Law School:


Fall of 2019

– Begin Filling Out and Submitting Applications

– Most are available beginning in October or November

– Because most schools have rolling admissions, the earlier you complete and submit your application, the greater your chances of being accepted

– Ask your undergraduate Registrars Office to send transcripts to CAS


December of 2019

– File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at your financial aid office or at

– The earlier you file your FAFSA, the greater your chances of being accepted for financial aid


January of 2020

– If you are still in school, have an updated transcript with your Fall Semester’s grades sent to CAS or individual law schools if asked


Winter-Spring of 2020

– Assess your offers

– Negotiate scholarships

– Visit the law schools you’ve been accepted to

– Finally, make your ultimate decision!

– Celebrate. You deserve it.

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