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What does OCI stand for? What’s a T2 or a 1L? Who is an LOR? And what in the name of HYS is a YP!?


Take a quick look through our list of common law school abbreviations, jargon, and whatchamacallits:

0L = A law school applicant
1L = First year law school student
2L = Second year law school student
3L = Third year law school student
AA = Affirmative Action
AC = Appellate Court
Adcomm = Admission Committee
ASD = Admitted Students’ Day
ASW = Admitted Students’ Weekend
Bibles = PowerScore Study Guides
BP = BluePrint (LSAT prep)
CA = Class Action
CL = Common Law
COA = Court of Appeals (or Cost of Attendance)
DC = District Court
Ding = Rejected from a particular law school
EA = Early Action – non=binding application option allowing you to apply early and hear of a decision early (comparatively)
ED = Early Decision – binding application option if accepted
E&E = Examples & Explanations – a series of law school guides that cover a variety of topics for exam help and explanation
GULC = Georgetown University Law Center
HLS = Harvard Law School
HYS = Harvard, Yale, Stanford – usually associated with the top 3 law schools in the nation
IP = Intellectual property
Jx = Jurisdiction
K = Contract
LG = Logic Games (LSAT)
LOCI = Letter Of Continued Interest
LOR = Letter Of Recommendation
LR = Logical Reasoning (LSAT)
MTD = Motion To Dismiss
OCI = On=Campus Interview
PI = Public Interest
PS = Personal Statement (or PowerScore = LSAT Prep)
RC = Reading Comprehension (LSAT)
SC = Supreme Court
SLS = Stanford Law School
T1 = Tier 1 – the nation’s top 50 law schools according to USNWR (US News & World Reports) rank
T2 = Tier 2 (law schools ranked 51=100)
T3 = Tier 3 (law schools ranked 101=150)
T5 = Top 5 law schools in the nation according to USNWR rank
TC = Trial Court
T14 = Top 14 schools in the nation according to USNWR rank
TLS = Top Law Schools – a popular law school forum
TM = TestMasters (LSAT Prep)
UCC = Uniform Commercial Code
UG = Undergrad
UofC = University of Chicago
URM = Under=Represented Minority
USNWR = US News and World Report’s Law School Rankings
WL = Waitlist/Waitlisted
WS = Writing Sample
YLS = Yale Law School
YP = Yield Protect

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